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This section describes the Management Information Base (MIB), which is a virtual database for managing software entities (or objects). These managed objects model all 

components, including their properties and attributes. Sonus utilizes standard MIBs and supplements these through the Sonus Enterprise MIB. The Sonus MIB variables are accessible via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which is an application-layer protocol designed to facilitate the exchange of management information between network devices.

For more information on SNMP, refer to Configuring SBC for SNMP.

Object Identifiers

Each managed object/characteristic has a unique object identifier (OID) consisting of numbers separated by decimal points (for example, numeric OIDs can also be translated into human-readable form. The MIB associates each OID with a readable label and various other parameters related to the object. The OID identifies the location of a given managed object within the MIB tree hierarchy by listing the numbers in sequence from the top of the tree down to the node, separated by dots.

By specifying a path to the object through the MIB tree, the OID allows the object to be uniquely identified. The digits below the enterprise OID in the tree can be any sequence of user-defined numbers selected by an organization to represent its private MIB groups and managed objects.

For more information on OIDs, refer to How to Retrieve Sonus Enterprise MIB OIDs.

Location of Standard and Sonus Enterprise MIBs

Public MIB files are located in /opt/sonus/sbx/mib directory, and are accessible by sftpadmin and root users.