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Try the New SBC SWe Lite!

Sonus is pleased to provide customers and partners a hands-on introduction to the new

TextSBC SWe Lite
 by offering a no-obligation trial version of the software that includes the following complimentary license-enforced features:

  • Five signaling sessions, with no restriction on encryption
  • Five media sessions:
    • Three media sessions will support encryption and/or transcoding
    • Two media sessions must be operated in media bypass or RTP proxy mode
  • Five SIP registrations

Before You Begin...

Here are some considerations for trial deployments:

  • The complimentary features are not intended for production (live customer) deployments; rather, the complimentary features are intended only for trial or demonstration purposes.
  • The complimentary features are not time-bound – they do not expire.
  • The complimentary features must be ordered from Sonus Networks, using the SBC SWe Lite Trial configurator:
    • Orderable SKU is SBC-SWELITE-TRIAL.
    • Sonus Networks does not offer maintenance or support for the SBC-SWELITE-TRIAL.

After You Try SBC SWe Lite...

When you are ready to commit to the powerful and flexible production version of SBC SWe Lite, Sonus recommends acquiring a new instance of the SBC SWe Lite, along with the desired feature licenses required to support a production deployment (i.e. live customer traffic). Please contact your Sonus sales representative or authorized Sonus partner for more information.


  • Sonus recommends against attempting the following actions. 
    • Attempting to convert a trial-configured SBC SWe Lite instance into a production configuration – this deactivates the complimentary features.
    • Converting from the Trial version to the Production version by simply applying production licenses. 
    • Upgrading to trial-configured SBC SWe Lite instances. 
  • Sonus offers an NFR (Not for Resale) configuration of the SBC SWe Lite for additional features beyond those available with the SBC-SWELITE-TRIAL license; please contact your 
    TextSonus sales representative or authorized Sonus partner
     for additional information.

Ready to Start?

Trial Instance Deployment Overview

Here is a quick overview of the procedures you will perform when installing the SBC SWe Lite Trial Offer: 

1Contact your
TextSonus sales representative or authorized Sonus partner
to acquire a trial instance of the SBC SWe Lite. The salesperson/authorized partner will advise you further upon successful submission of the request with Sonus Networks.

Verify the reception of an email from Sonus Networks with an embedded hyperlink to the Self-Service Licensing and Downloads center.

NOTE: The email usually arrives within 1-2 business days.

3Download and install the software and then perform Initial Setup on SBC SWe Lite instance. Start with Downloading the SBC SWe Lite Package for the software download and subsequent instructions.
4Generate and apply the trial feature license according to the instructions found at Obtaining and Installing a SWe Lite Trial License.

Begin provisioning your trial-licensed SBC SWe Lite instance as described in Using the Easy Configuration Wizard and go!