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1ENUM Domain Parameters



Zone ID

Name of the ENUM domain containing the forwarder IP entries for load balancing.
Zone TypeThe zone type for this ENUM domain (Currently, individual is the only zone type available, and it indicates the SBC supports load balancing across individual zones).
Load Distribution

This specifies the load distribution strategy. Refer to ENUM Support for more details.

The following options are available:

  • Sequence (default)
  • Round Robin
  • Proportion
Query Retry TimerThe time, in milliseconds, that the SLWRESD process waits before trying the next IP in the Forwarders Data list (range: 0-10000 | default = 4000).

Specifies the priority (order) of ENUM service execution. If this parameter is not set or set to the default of '129', default priorities are assigned for LNP (130), CNAM (131) and SIP AoR (132). If a different order of service execution is desired, set the priorities accordingly.

For example, setting CNAM priority to 133 executes SIP AoR before CNAM.

Forwarder IP ENUM server IPv4 or IPv6 address of this Forwarder IP entry.
Forwarder DescriptionTextual description for the forwarder IP address.
Percentage DistributionThis option is only available when Load Distribution is set to Proportion. Based on this value, the percentage of load distribution for each IP address in Zone ID is calculated.
E DNS Type

Use this option to specify whether ERE sends eDNS OPT records. The options are:

  • No - the ERE sends the query without the OPT record.
  • Yes (default) - the ERE sends the eDNS OPT record.
E DNS Buffer Size

Use this option to specify the E DNS buffer size used in the OPT record when the E DNS Type is set to Yes. If this parameter is configured as any value other than zero, the OPT record uses the value. Set this parameter to zero to have the OPT record use the global E DNS buffer size. Refer to Global - Servers - Lwresd Profile.

To Edit an ENUM Domain Name