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Composition Setup

This page outlines the process for upgrading the software on a VX node. In order to successfully upgrade the node, the following are required:

  • Access the Sonus Global Support Portal (see below) for downloading the desired software package(s)
  • Full CLI access to the node
  • Either FTP or VXbuilder File Transfer access
  • The location of the upgrade folder on your node (as seen from the above file transfer facilities). This is the "Upgrade" folder. For more information on locating this folder, expand the section below by clicking the heading.

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Click here to see how to locate the Upgrade folder on the VX node


The upgrade folder, as seen via FTP or VXbuilder's File Management facility, can be located by the following means:

  1. Execute the following command from a CLI session:
    show disk-layout
  2. Examine the output, and look for "Upgrade files". Example output is below (your node's output may differ):

  3. Make a note of the drive letter that "Upgrade files" falls under.
    • If it is C:, the Upgrade folder is simply Upgrade, visible directly from the root of the displayed file system.
    • If it is anything else, the target folder is X_PUBLIC\Upgrade where X is the drive letter.

How to Access the Sonus Global Support Portal

Before you begin:
You will need a valid Salesforce account.


  1. Open

  2. Click Login and select the appropriate login type - Customer Portal or Partner Portal:

    0Figure login list



  3. Complete the login fields:

    1Portal Login



  4. Click Support:

    1Support tab



  5. Click SW DOWNLOAD:




  6. Click Select Software, and then select the appropriate product and operating system from the drop-down list.

    1Product list



Upgrade VX software

  1. From the Sonus Global Support Portal download the VX update. See Performing a VX Software Upgrade for instructions on how to access the support site and download VX software. The package will be downloaded in a .zip file format. 
  2. Locate and open the .zip file and unpack it to a temporary folder. This will produce a Readme file, a .tbz file and optionally a .obf file.
  3. Open the Readme file and follow the upgrade instructions.

Additional notes

The Readme file provides basic instructions on how to install the package. Read it carefully and be aware of all warnings and notes. It also contains the specific upgrade command (which differs by package). More detailed notes are below:

  • All packages require restarting the node, and as such, will cause service disruption. Install them at an appropriate time such as to minimize the impact of said disruption.
  • The packages take some time to install. The exact time depends on the package - refer to the Readme. If no specific time is listed, it takes 5-10 minutes - slower packages will specify how long they take to install (from the time of the last prompt to the time that the node is back up and running).
  • The files can be transferred using an FTP client, or by using the Uploading System Files facility in VXbuilder.
  • You can monitor the state of the node by pinging it. Once pings are being received consistently, the upgrade is complete (note that the node will also ping immediately after commencing the upgrade, since it hasn't shut down yet).

Some upgrades may require you perform this procedure several times, going via intermediate versions to get to the desired version (this seldom requires more than 2 upgrades). This is required if you do not see your desired version listed on the download site. If this is the case, upgrade to the next highest version - this will be an intermediate version. Once complete, perform the procedure again with the intermediate version as the new base.