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In addition to supporting all the functionality of the one-port serial card, the four-port serial card supports transporting data from serial interfaces over an IP network. Data received on the serial interfaces is encapsulated into IP packets and sent over the IP network. IP packets destined for serial interfaces are stripped off their headers and the payload is transmitted over the serial interfaces. Each port can function in DTE or DCE mode. Used with the VX900 AB and AD only.

See the Serial Interface Card Cables Specifications topic for additional cable and connector specifications.


This table lists the cables that are not provided by N.E.T. NET and need to be purchased from a 3rd party vendor.


The following section contains the list of cables/converters required for each kind of interface.

Common cables for all interface types (provided by



Each 4-port serial card requires one Quad breakout cable (P/N 036054).