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The following table describes and demonstrates navigation through the CLI, beginning with the generic mode that is available to all logins, followed by password prompting when attempting to enter configuration mode.

Navigating Through Command Modes

Access the VX system. The command interface defaults to global mode, as indicated by the right-angle command prompt after successful entry of the VX username and password.

Code Block
Username: VX
Password: *****
VX ip address>

At the global mode prompt, type the enable command and use your VX system password to go to the next command mode. From here, you can access config mode if you are a level 15 user.

Code Block
VX ip address> enable
Password: *****
VX ip address#

At the hash-symbol prompt, type configure. The system responds by binding the login session to the components to be configured, and presents the configuration mode prompt.

Code Block
VX ip address# config
Matching configuration to hardware...
Slot 1 contains an SAI-PCI card, and is configured as: SAI-PCI
Slot 2 contains an STI-PCI/DSP, and is configured as: STI-4P/DSP
Creating port 2.
Creating port 3.
Creating port 4.
VX ip address/config#

Exit config mode.

Code Block
134:56:226:91/config# exit
Please wait...
Info: Debug diagnostic logging is enabled
Info: Slot 1: Service tones are enabled on one or more channels, another board m
ust provide DSP services.
Info: ChanProfile #1:  DTMF/MF Volume will be set to default value.
Info: ChanProfile #2:  DTMF/MF Volume will be set to default value.
Info: ChanProfile #3:  DTMF/MF Volume will be set to default value.
Verification PASSED
3 enabled cards, 4 enabled ports, 227 enabled voice channels, 0 enabled signalling timeslots
27 enabled physical voice channels, 120 available DSP resources.
0 SS7 signalling timeslots, 0 SS7 links
0 warnings, 0 errors, 0 critical errors