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A media class is a collection of Codecs. Using the media classes function controls the negotiation of the codecs for the call.

View Media Classes

Select the Telephony > Media Classes subdirectory for the VX node and view contents at the Media Classes screen.

Add Media Classes

Insert a new line in the Media Classes screen, then double-click the line to present the Edit Media Class dialog box.

Modify Media Classes

Double-click on table line in the Media Classes screen, to present the Edit Media Class dialog box.

Edit Media Class Dialog
Edit Media Class Dialog

titleEdit Media Class Dialog




Identifier for media class


Enter an optional text description

Mid-call DTMF Digits

Specifies whether to send digits as inband audio or RFC 2833

RFC2833 End Indications

Configures the number of RFC-2833 end packets for all DTMF digits sent from VX to external users
Valid range is 1 to 4
Default = 3

RTP Payload Redundancy

When enabled, redundant payload is used to improve audio quality. When disabled, redundancy is not negotiated.