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To obtain the LX Installer:

  1. Login to the Global Support Portal
    Click the Software Downloads tab
    Click LX2.1 in the Software Bundle table

    Click Request Download and fill out the form



    TextRibbon Support Portal Login
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    If you use the Partner Portal, open

    TextPartner Portals

  2. Complete the login fields.

  3. From the menu, click Downloads.

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  4. Click Sonus.


  5. Click Select Software.


    1. From the Product drop-down list,select LX2.1.


    2. From the Operating System drop-down list, select the required operating system.

  6. Click Request Download link for the required software bundle. 


    Select the 64 bit support to analyze large log files.

    A download link will be emailed to you
  7. Save the *.zip file on your desktop or other convenient place


  1. Enter the address details and accept the End-User License Agreement.

  2. Click Submit.

    The initial download Request Status is displayed as 'Submitted'.

  3. From the menu, select Support.

  4. From the sub-menu, select SW Download.

  5. Select Download Requests tab. 

    Once the download request is approved and the software is available for download, the Request Status is displayed as Download Available.

  6. Click the software request ID associated with the software bundle.

  7. Click on the download URL from the Software Requests section to download the software.

    The browser redirects to a Download Manager screen and a pop-up window appears with an option to save your file to a folder. If the pop-up window fails to appear, click the click here link to save your file.

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  8. Save the software to your local PC or server.

Installing LX

  • LX supports remote syslogs over both UDP and TCP.
  • If a firewall application is running on the installed machine, inbound traffic on UDP and TCP port 514 must be enabled. If another port is selected for receiving logs, then the firewall rules must be adjusted respectively.