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Latest Support News

Sept 30, 2013 Maintenance release of SBC 1000/2000 3.0.2 Release Notes
Apr 23, 2013 Maintenance release of SBC 1000/2000 (UX) 2.2.1 Release Notes
Apr 01, 2013 Maintenance release of SBC 1000/2000 (UX) 2.1.3 Release Notes

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Latest Releases


Release DateProductRelease TypeClick to view RN:


C3 VNF 23.0GARelease Notes


MRFP 10.00.00R001GARelease Notes


Analytics 21.07GARelease Notes


Analytics Director 21.07GARelease Notes


SBC Core 09.02.02R001MaintenanceRelease Notes


PSX 13.02.03R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


GSX 9000 11.00.03R014MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 07.02.05R008MaintenanceRelease Notes


EMS 13.02.03R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


Identity Hub 21.06GARelease Notes


Data Capture Engine 21.06GARelease Notes


SP2000 Platform 19.0.0MaintenanceRelease Notes


DSC Platforms 19.0.0MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC SWe Lite 9.0.4MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Edge 1000/2000 9.0.4MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 09.02.01R003MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 07.02.05R007MaintenanceRelease Notes


PSX 14.00.00R000GARelease Notes


Analytics 21.06GARelease Notes


Analytics Director 21.06GARelease Notes


GSX 13.02.01R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


PSX 13.02.02R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 08.02.04R003MaintenanceRelease Notes


Data Capture Engine 21.05MaintenanceRelease Notes


VNFM 21.1GARelease Notes


SBC Core 07.02.05R006MaintenanceRelease Notes


Insight EMS 14.00.00R000GARelease Notes


SBC Core 10.00.00R000GARelease Notes


Identity Hub 21.04.01MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC SWe Lite 9.0.3MaintenanceRelease Notes


Analytics 21.05GARelease Notes


Analytics Director 21.05GARelease Notes


EdgeView 16.2.0GARelease Notes


SBC Core 09.02.01R002MaintenanceRelease Notes


GSX 11.00.03R013MaintenanceRelease Notes


EdgeMarc VOS 16.1.0GARelease Notes


SBC Core 08.02.05R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


PSX 12.02.06R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


Insight EMS 12.02.06R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


Insight EMS 13.02.02R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


Data Capture Engine 21.03GARelease Notes


Identity Hub 21.04GARelease Notes


SBC Core 08.02.04R002MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Edge 1000/2000 9.0.3MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 09.02.01R001MaintenanceRelease Notes


MRFP 09.01.00R004MaintenanceRelease Notes


STI 21.04.01GARelease Notes


EdgeView 16.1.2MaintenanceRelease Notes


PSX 13.02.01R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 07.02.05R005MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 09.02.01R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


Analytics 21.03GARelease Notes


Analytics Director 21.03GARelease Notes


GSX 11.00.03R012MaintenanceRelease Notes


EdgeMarc VOS 15.8.3MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 08.02.04R001MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC SWe Lite 9.0.2MaintenanceRelease Notes


PSX 12.02.05R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


EdgeView 16.1.1MaintenanceRelease Notes


VNFM 21.0GARelease Notes


Identity Hub 21.02GARelease Notes


SBC Core 07.02.05R003MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 09.02.00R002MaintenanceRelease Notes


EMS 13.02.01R000MaintenanceRelease Notes


PSX 13.01.00R001MaintenanceRelease Notes


SBC Core 08.02.04R000MaintenanceRelease Notes

MRFP 09.01.00R003MaintenanceRelease Notes