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The Client.modifyCall() function allows you to send the rehydrated HI request for the established call. The sessionId is same for which the IM is established.

API Parameters

type: type,
sessionId: sessionId,
to: userId,
localMedia: media,
onSuccess: function(args) {}, onFailure: function(args) {} });

All the parameters are mandatory.

Callback Functions

The wrtcphone.js file must have all the callback functions. Any callback function missing will result in an error. By default, the wrtcphone.js file contains all the callback functions you can implement when required. A callback function receives the call related information from the Sonus Generic WebRTC SDK. Following is a brief description of the callback function related to the Client.modifyCall () function:

API Parameters


This callback function triggers the wrtcphone.js on the event of of rehydrated HI request.
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