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The "Checksums calculator" is an open source GUI application that has been developed to run on Windows, MacOS X and Linux operating system on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. It calculates checksums of functions: md5, sha1, sha256, sha384 and sha512.

The checksum calculator is an open source tool used in the below procedure and it is one of the many other tools available for customer use. Sonus does not provide or distribute this tool for download. Sonus makes no warranties on using this tool etc.


Perform the following steps to compare the BMC firmware package with md5sum:

  1. Download all the files from SalesForce customer portal required for the SBC installation or upgrade. To know more on how to download files from Salesforce, refer to Downloading the Software from Salesforce
  2. Untar the Firmware package to get the bmc5X00_v<Build_Number>-R0.rom file. Refer to the latest SBC Core release notes for information on latest BMC package details.
  3. Download the calculator application (.zip) file that matches the version of  your computer operating system.

  4. Unzip the calculator application file to a folder in your local computer.
  5. Launch the "Checksums calculator" application from this folder. (The Checksums "hash" calculator name is different depending on your operating system).

    Figure : Launching Hash Calculator

  6. Using the Checksums calculator, browse and select the Sonus bmc5X00_xxxx.rom file (where xxxx is the file version).

    Figure : Browsing BMC rom file

  7. Select the "Hash function" md5.

    Figure : Selecting md5 Function

  8. Click Calculate. This extracts the checksum from the .rom file. A hexadecimal value appears in the Checksum text box.

    Figure : Calculating Checksum from ROM file

  9. Using a text editor, browse and open the bmc5X00_xxxx.rom.md5sum file (where xxxx is the file version). This file contains a hexadecimal checksum value.

    Figure : Opening BMC md5sum in Notepad

  10. Copy and paste the contents of this file into the "Original checksum" box.

    Figure : Copying and Pasting the checksum

  11. Click Compare.

    Figure : Comparing Checksums

The validation is successful when both checksums are same and a message box displays "Checksums are identical".

If any other message displays, repeat the process to download both the .rom and .md5sum from SalesForce customer portal and repeat the above process. If the validation fails a second time, contact Sonus Technical Assistance Center.

Figure : Successfully Validating Checksums

The example here shows the validation of BMC firmware package with the md5sum. The above procedure is applicable to validate checksum of BIOS, OS and SBC application package.

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