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In this section:

After you configure the network information and the required Ethernet interfaces, you can execute the initial configuration on the DSC Platform, as described in the following procedure.


 If PCE has been licensed, you must configure at least pkt0 before initial configuration. For details on configuring network interfaces, see the section Configuring the VM Environment and KVM Host.

To execute the initial configuration

  1. Log onto the DSC SWe by typing root at the login prompt and press ENTER.

  2. Enter the password.

  3. At the prompt, type startmenu, and press ENTER.

    The Main Menu appears

  4. Select Set Initial Configuration, and press ENTER.

    A message appears informing you that the initial configuration procedure is about to execute and you are asked if you want to continue.

  5. Enter y, and then press ENTER. 

    When you enter y, the system automatically executes the initial configuration procedure.


    You are prompted to decide whether EMS access should be enabled.

    For the EMS version supported on this platform, see DSC Interoperability Matrix. To enable EMS using the Web UI, see the section Enabling EMS Access Using the Web UI


  6. Do one of the following:
    a. If you want to have EMS access enabled, enter y and press ENTER, or go to step b.

    b. If you do not want to enable EMS access, enter n and press ENTER.

    A message appears informing you that EMS access was not enabled (EMS snmp rw community string was not activated), and the system continues to execute the initial configuration procedure and restart the Web UI. 

  7. After the initial configuration procedure is completed, press ENTER.
    The Main Menu appears. After configuration, the Main Menu options change.


    You have to wait approximately five minutes before you can access the software applications using the Web UI.


The Timezone and Time must be set after the initial configuration procedure is complete.