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In this section:

This section provides you with instructions for decommissioning an I/O card.

Refer to the procedures Installing a System Card and Extracting a System Card as required.

The screen outputs in this page are examples only and may show software versions other than the ones that are supported for this release; however, the procedure for decommissioning an I/O card is the same.

To decommission an I/O card

  1. From the Main Menu, select System, and press ENTER.

  2. Select Software Revisions, and press ENTER.

  3. Select IO Versions, and press ENTER.

  4. Select the slot in which the I/O card you want to decommission appears (in the following example, slot 10).


  5. Type d, and press ENTER.

  6. Type y, and press ENTER. When the decommissioning process is completed, remove the card.

  7. Repeat steps 1 to 7 with any additional IO cards that should be decommissioned.

  8. Navigate to the Available Software Versions screen and confirm that the card(s) has been decommissioned.

To execute a complete system backup (using a USB key)

  1. Insert the 16GB USB key into the either USB port (as shown in the preceding two illustrations) on one of the Management CPUs or its respective RTM (slot 2 or 13).

  2. Log onto the DSC 8000 Management CPU using the IP addresses that you have assigned to slot 2 (p19p1.3), slot 13  (p19p2.5), or the shared IP interface (p19p1.3:0 or p19p2.5:0).

  3. From the Main Menu, click Backups.


  4. Click Complete System Backup.

  5. Click Start System Backup.

    The DSC 8000 automatically executes the complete system backup and a message is displayed to inform you when the backup is completed.


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