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In some cases, the SBC Edge needs to ignore a forked leg (disconnect) if that leg is going to voicemail box, but the rest of the forked legs may connect to the subscriber's other numbers.

Deployment Scenario

  1. The inbound call to the SBC Edge is forked to Lync/Skype and PBX.
  2. The Lync user is signed out and the call connects immediately to EUM Voicemail (within milliseconds).
  3. The SBC Edgerecognizes that this leg is too quickly connected (configurable), and then removes the call leg from outbounds.
  4. The call fork to the PBX continues for the subscriber to pick up.


Figure : Deployment Scenario


SIP Signaling Group Configuration

This feature is configurable through the Create SIP Signaling Group dialog box, using the Forked Calls Answered too soon fields.

Table : SIP SG Configuration

Forked Call Answered too soon
  • Enabled, or
  • Disabled
Forked Call Answered too soon timer
  • Active when Forked Call Answered too soon is Enabled.
  • Quick-disconnect timer is configurable from 10 to 5000 milliseconds. Default value is 1 second.

Figure : SIP Channels and Routing