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Each REST API request needs to be authenticated as there is no session in REST. The REST client is authenticated with the DSC REST service by encoding the credentials in the HTTP header, which grants user permission to perform REST queries.

Access the REST API as follows:

  1. Verify that the system being used for access meets all of the requirements (see Requirements).

  2. Enable REST API support on the DSC Web UI (see To enable REST API in DSC).

  3. Access the REST API environment using https://<host_ip>:<port>

  4. Provide authorization information in the HTTP header of the request. The header must contain your username and password encoded using the "Basic authorization" authentication mechanism

    Remember the password must function for both the TL1 and Web UI. For more information about passwords, see the Platform Manager User Guide, Password Management.

 To enable REST API in DSC

  1. Login to the Web UI.

  2. Click SNMP.

  3. For the DSC REST API attribute, select ENABLED.

  4. Click Continue.

To enable alarm synchronization, refer to Alarm Synchronization.

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