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  1. In the WebUI, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, go to System > Software Management > Application Partitions.


    Figure : Partitions Table

  3. Make note of the inactive partition number to which you are upgrading the software (the table entry listed without a tick mark under the 'Active Partition' column). This will be important towards the end when verifying the last upload status of the inactive partition.
  4. Click the Upload Software link located on the top right hand side of the pane.                                                                                    

  5. Under Select File, click the Browse button and select the SBC SWe Lite file you previously saved.

  6. Click OKDo not close or navigate away from the browser window or you may receive partial results. 
  7. Throughout the upload process, the web interface displays update messages to indicate the progression of the upgrade of the inactive partition, as shown below. (If you navigate to this view from another browser, it will also display the progress.) A typical upgrade takes about 5 minutes.
  8. Once the upgrade has completed, click the X in the corner of the box to dismiss the popup window.
  9. On the partition page, verify the Last Upload Status associated with the inactive partition is listed as Success.

At this stage, the inactive partition is upgraded to the the new software without rebooting the SBC SWe Lite and without interrupting active call services. To set as the active partition, refer to Setting the Active Partition.

Post-Upgrade Checklist

1You must clear your web browser cache before you login to the SBC SWe Lite.

Perform a backup of your data on the new SBC SWe Lite version. Sonus recommends that you rename the backup filename to indicate the current software version and build number.


Ensure there are no new alarms generated after the upgrade. In the event of finding new alarms, address what is causing them.