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Does not apply to SBC SWe Lite.


An enterprise may plan to deploy Cloud PBX (defined at services at a future time. In the interim, the same enterprise may have/choose to deploy Skype for Business 2015 Server on-premises. See .

To minimize SBC-related expenses, Sonus presents you with the option of deploying a Cloud Link device (intended to support Cloud PBX-related local PSTN voice services) as a Survivable Branch Appliance ("SBA", primarily used with on-premises Skype for Business 2015 Server deployments). When you choose to migrate to Cloud PBX services, no additional SBC hardware expenses will be incurred.

This article explains how to re-purpose a Sonus Cloud Link device into a Sonus SBA, and vice versa.


When repurposing the Sonus SBC Cloud Link as an SBA device, take note of the folllowing:

Additional operating system licenses are not required to deploy the SBA application on the Sonus Cloud Link device. The Cloud Link already contains the required Windows Server 20212 R2 licenses that support the legitimate use of the Microsoft Skype for Business 2015/Lync 2013 SBA

How to Repurpose a Sonus Cloud Link as a Lync/Skype SBA device

Complete the following procedures to deploy the Sonus Cloud Link as an SBA as follows:

  1. Update the ASM Recovery Partition with the SBA image you plan to use. See Updating the ASM Recovery Partition.
  2. Re-initialize the ASM using the SBA image you loaded. See Re-initializing the ASM.
  3. Deploy the SBA. For details, see Deploying the SBA (Survivable Branch Appliance).

After deployment, the Sonus Cloud Link will now run as an SBA.

Returning to Sonus Cloud Link Usage

If you need to revert back to the Sonus Cloud Link, see below:

  1. Re-initialize the ASM using the Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) image found on the hard drive. See Re-initializing the ASM.
  2. From the ASM image type drop down, select Cloud Connector Edition.

    Figure : Re-initialize ASM

After re-initialization, the Sonus SBC will now run as a Cloud Link.