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Modified: for 6.2.1




This object is accessible only in SBC SWe and Cloud environments.


This section contains the capacity estimations for all the standard profiles.

To View Swe Capacity Estimate

On the SBC main screen, go to System > Security >Swe Capacity Estimate. The Swe Capacity Estimate window is displayed.

Figure : SWe Capacity Estimates


The parameters displayed are:

Table : SWe Capacity Estimate Parameters


The SWe Active Profile Name.

  • default - By default, non-cloud instances comes up with default profile. This profile retains the SBC SWe behavior of earlier releases (5.0.x and 5.1.x), where signaling and media vCPUs  overlapped.
  • standard_signaling_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for signaling (direct media) calls and it is auto-configured on the Cloud based S-SBC instance.
  • standard_passthrough_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for passthrough calls.
  • standard_transcoding_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for transcoding calls.
  • standard_callmix_profile - This profile supports call mix which contain a combination of 90% pass-through and 10% transcoding.
  • standard_msbc_profile - The purpose of this profile is to utilize the vCPUs primarily for passthrough calls. This profile gets auto-configured on Cloud based M-SBC instance.
  • standard_highcps_callmix_profile - This profile is similar to standard passthrough profile with higher CPS.
Estimated Session CapacityEstimated number of sessions supported in the system.
Estimated Num SubcribersEstimated number of subscribers supported in the system.
Estimated CPSEstimated maximum calls per second (cps) supported in this system.
Estimated Registration CapacityEstimated maximum registrations/sec supported in this system.
Estimated RefreshRegister CapacityEstimated maximum refresh registrations/sec supported in this system.
Estimated Protected Link BandwidthEstimated maximum link bandwidth supported in this system.