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Modified: for 6.2.1




This object is accessible only in SBC SWe and Cloud environments.

This section contains all the standard profiles and their fixed call-mix..

To View Swe Traffic Profile

On the SBC main screen, go to System > Security >Swe Traffic Profiles. The Swe Traffic Profiles window is displayed.

Figure : SWe Traffic Profile


The parameters displayed are:

Table : Swe Traffic Profile Parameters


The SWe Active Profile Name.

  • default - By default, non-cloud instances comes up with default profile. This profile retains the SBC SWe behavior of earlier releases (5.0.x and 5.1.x), where signaling and media vCPUs  overlapped.
  • standard_signaling_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for signaling (direct media) calls and it is auto-configured on the Cloud based S-SBC instance.
  • standard_passthrough_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for passthrough calls.
  • standard_transcoding_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for transcoding calls.
  • standard_callmix_profile - This profile supports call mix which contain a combination of 90% pass-through and 10% transcoding.
  • standard_msbc_profile - The purpose of this profile is to utilize the vCPUs primarily for passthrough calls. This profile gets auto-configured on Cloud based M-SBC instance.
  • standard_highcps_callmix_profile - This profile is similar to standard passthrough profile with higher CPS.
Call Hold TimeAverage Call Hold Time of the call load.
Access ScenarioIf true, deployment is in access scenario.
Bhca Per SubscriberBHCA per subscriber.
Registration IntervalRegistration Interval in seconds.
NAT EnabledThe status of NAT configuration.
Registration Refresh IntervalRefresh Interval in seconds.
Direct Media PercentThe percentage of call load that is Direct Media.
Transcode PercentThe percentage of call load that is transcoded call.
Passthrough Codec ProfileThe name of the pass-through codec profile.
Transcoding Codec ProfileThe name of the transcoding codec profile.
Crypto PercentThe crypto percentage refers to the number of legs that are encrypted.
Tone PercentThe number of legs that get tones treatment.
Max VMbandwidthThe maximum VM bandwidth in Gbps.
Processor Capability Index OverrideIf true, index overriding is disabled and the the value for the field Processor Capability Index Override Value can be entered.
Processor Capability Index Override ValueThe value of Processor Capability Index Override Value field.