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The SBC SWe capacity is improved by assigning specific vCPUs of SWe instance to perform standard functions. For optimum performance, the vCPUs of the processor are distributed for parallel processing of:

  • Management
  • Signaling
  • Media (crypto, transcoding and upstream/transmit-leg processing)
  • DoS (protection/downstream-leg processing)

For phase-I, this feature supports only standard profiles which allows you to have fixed call-mix and core distribution and accordingly their estimations.

The supported standard profiles are:

Figure : Supported Standard Profiles


Profile NameDescription

By default, non-cloud instances comes up with default profile. This profile retains the SBC SWe behavior of earlier release (5.0.x and 5.1.x), where signaling and media vCPUs are overlapped.

standard_signaling_profileThis profile utilizes the vCPUs for signaling (direct media) calls and it is auto-configured on the Cloud based S-SBC instance.
standard_passthrough_profileThis profile utilizes the vCPUs for passthrough calls.
standard_transcoding_profileThis profile utilizes the vCPUs for transcoding calls.
standard_callmix_profileThis profile supports callmix which contain a combination of 90% pass-through and 10% transcoding.

The purpose of this profile is to utilize the vCPUs primarily for passthrough calls. This profile gets auto-configured on Cloud based M-SBC instance.

Once the distribution of vCPUs is set, the SBC SWe overload behavior functions the same way as the hardware SBC (5000/7000 series).


This feature is applicable only when the vcpu is more than or equal to four.  


 After the database is cleared, the active profile is retained.


Standard Profiles

When any standard profiles is activated in CLI, the application invokes the core partition script to read a specific .csv file. The script fetches the number of vCPUs for different functions to generate the core partition file (/opt/sonus/conf/swe/capacityEstimates/.cpuCoreSwe.txt) with _start and _end values.


  • SBC SWe instances will get rebooted automatically to activate the profile
  • An alarm is generated stating that a new traffic profile is activated.

The standard profiles are based on fixed cost ratio of Downstream:Upstream:Signaling (DS:US:SIG) derived from the benchmarking data. Each standard profile maintains separate CSV file(s), located at /opt/sonus/etc/traffic-profiles/swe/. Each entry in the .csv contains the following information in specific order:

  • num_vcpu
  • mgmt_cores
  • dist_cores
  • dos_cores
  • sig_cores
  • media_cores
  • crypto_cores
  • transcode_cores
  • tx_cores

On the SBC SWe Cloud (D-SBC) appropriate profiles are auto-configured based on the personality as follows:

Personality TypeProfile Name

On SBC SWe Cloud (D-SBC), the auto-configured profiles prevent reboot during instantiation.

Table : Configuration Table


Table NameDescription
sweTrafficProfilesContains all the standard profiles and their fixed call-mix.
sweActiveProfileContains the name of active profile and time-stamp of activation.

Contains the standard codec_mix profiles.

  1. G711_20ms with 100% G711 (20 ms) calls.
  2. G711_G729_20ms which is initialized with 50% of G729AB (20 ms) and 50% G711 (20ms).

Table : Operational Table


Table NameDescription
sweProcessorCapacityThis table contains the real processor capacity indices relative to a 2690v2 processor with the recommended BIOS/ESXi setting.
sweCapacityEstimateThis table contains the capacity estimations for all the standard profiles.
sweVcpuAllocationThis table contains the vcpu distribution for all the standard profiles.


The Configuration and Operational tables are read-only except sweActiveProfile in Phase-I. 

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