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In this section:


This section provides an introduction to the SBC Core consisting of the SBC 5000 series, SBC 7000 and SBC Software Edition product lines. Information provided in this section includes key features, SBC architecture and your first steps to accomplish to get started quickly with configuring your SBC platform.


For an online list of Sonus product acronyms, see Acronym Dictionary.

Wiki Search Syntax

Click here to learn more about using Wiki search syntax.

How to Search for Information in Online Documentation

There are five basic methods to search for product information in the online documentation portal.

Global search box

Use the global search box to search for a subject across all Sonus online product documentation.

Figure : Global Search Box

Product documentation landing page

The product documentation landing pages provide a brief description of each major section as well as a listing of each immediate page under those sections. Click on a link to go directly to the page.

Figure : Landing Page


Documentation outline

The documentation outline is located on the left sidebar. Expand or collapse a section by clicking the plus/minus controls.

Figure : Documentation Outline

Space search

Use this search box to search for terms within the current product documentation space.

Click here for an online list of Wiki search syntax.

Figure : Space Search

Keyboard CTRL+F shortcut

Type CTRL+F key combination when searching for a specific phrase on a page. A search box displays at the bottom of the page. Enter your phrase, and then click the up or down arrow to cycle through each occurrence of the phrase. Other choices next to the search box include "Highlight All" to highlight every occurrence of the phrase (as shown in example below) and "Match Case" to match the case as entered.

Figure : CTRL+F Search

For a comprehensive list of Sonus product acronyms, see Acronym Dictionary online page.

Safety Symbols

The following Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) symbols are used throughout the documentation.


ESD Protective symbol identifies ESD protection devices, such as wrist straps, anti-static bags, etc.


ESD Susceptibility symbol warns of the presence of Sonus devices susceptible to electrostatic discharge. Do not handle equipment without wearing a properly grounded ESD wrist strap.



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