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These steps detail how to routes calls to Lync users. It checks the called number against the msRTCSIP-Line AD attribute to determine if the callee has a Lync number.

  1. Create the Lync Transformation Table.

  2. Create the Lync Transformation Table entry with the fields below.

    These entries build a called number+ext, then queries AD.

    Table : Create Transformation Table

    InputField TypeInput Field ValueOutput Field TypeOutput Field ValueMatch Type
    Calling Address/Number^(.*)(\d{4})$Called Extension\1\2;ext=\2Mandatory
    Called Extension==msRTCSIP-Line==Called Address/Number=msRTCSIP-Line=Mandatory
    Called Extension(.*)Called Extension-Mandatory

  3. Add an entry to the main Action Set.
    Execution Condition: Always
    Transformation Table: Select applicable table
    Action on Success: Action, Route to Lync
    Action on Failure: Continue