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When networks using different levels of trust are interconnected, the prevailing security model is to create a gate through which all inter-network communications must pass; that is, a single point (or very limited number of points) at which security policies are enforced. In most scenarios, the greatest concern is generally when an external untrusted network communicates with a trusted network. The Sonus SBC is positioned at the network border to guard the internal network (core network) from security threats.

The SBC can be deployed between two service provider networks in a peering environment (NNI), or between an access network and a backbone network to provide service to residential and/or enterprise customers.

Figure : Peering - (NNI) Deployment

The example graphic depicts SBC 5000, but all the platforms are supported.

To learn about Enterprise deployment scenarios, refer to Enterprise Deployment Scenarios.

To learn about H.323 deployment scenarios, refer to H.323 Deployment Scenarios.

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