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REST API Method: POST /rest/logger/{identifier}

Modifies a Subsystem Logger given a specific ID.


HTTP Method


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Name Required Service Affecting Data Type Default Value Possible Values Description
LogLevelYesNoEnum0Possible values:
  • 0 - llDefault
  • 1 - llTrace
  • 2 - llDebug
  • 3 - llInfo
  • 4 - llWarn
  • 5 - llError
  • 6 - llFatal
  • 7 - llOff
Specifies the new severity level to use for this sub-system.
LoggerNameYesNostringnone128 - Max Length Controls which sub-system will have the default log level overridden.
LogDestinationNoNoint0 Specifies the destination for which this sub-system should be overridden.

Helpful Tip

The POST can contain either only the attributes that are being updated, or the full set of attributes for the resource

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