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When the VXbuilder Extended Gateway Features Wizard is executed, a Globally Routable User-Agent URI (GRUU) for VX is inserted into WMI.  If the GRUU is incorrect between the VXbuilder configuration and VX, functions such as HOLD from MOC will not work.

If the GRUU is completely missing from VXbuilder, then the CONTACT entry in VX SIP messages may be empty.

To Verify the VX GRUU on OCS

  1. Log into the OCS server (remember to user

  2. Click Connect on the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester.

  3. Enter the Namespace and click Connect.

  4. The view updates to display the namespace connection. Click Enum Classes.

  5. Leave the Superclass Info blank, set Recursive, and click OK.

  6. The Query Result display. Double-click SIP Ttrusted Server Settings.

  7. The New top-level class displays and you can edit. Click Instances.

  8. Select the instances one by one until the VX entry is located.

  9. Click Show MOF.

  10. Verify the FQDN of the VX.  If not found, try again using a different instance of the TrustedServerSetting (step 8).