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v2.0Mar 11, 2016

 Sonus SBC 5XX0 5.0.1R0 IOT BroadWorks R21SP1 Application Notesv1.0Sep 19, 2016 
 Configuring the Sonus SBC Core Portfolio with BroadSoft BroadWorks R21.sp1 v1.0 May 10, 2017 
 Sonus SBC 5XX0 6.0R0 IOT BroadWorks R22 Application Notes v1.0 Aug 2017 
    Sonus SBC 5XX0 V5.0.5R0 IOT CounterPath Bria Android SoftClient SIP Application Note v1.0Nov 2017 
   Sonus SBC 5.1.1R0 IOT NICE SIP Recording Application Notesv1.0 Aug 2017 

v1.0Mar 2014

v1.0May 23, 2014
 Sonus SBC 5XX0 5.1.1R0 IOT Genesys Voice Platform 8.1 Application Notes v1.0 May 2017 
 Ribbon SBC Q21 9.3 Genesys Voice Platform 8.1v1.0 Jun 2018 
Sonus SBC 5XX0 5.0.1R000 - IOT Sandvine SDE Version 7.45.01v1.0Jun 2016
   Sonus SBC Swe V6.1.0R1 Telco Systems CM-100 Application Note v1.0Jan 2018