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The front Bezel is a Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU). The purpose of the Bezel is to encase the replaceable air filter and to identify the LED status indicators (Power, Status, Active, Alarm, Locator) on the front panel of the chassis, as shown in Figures 1 and 2. The two Bezel product codes are listed below:

  • SBC 5100 and 5110 bezel: SBC-5100-BEZEL
  • SBC 5200 and 5210 bezel: SBC-5200-BEZEL

Figure : SBC 51x0 Bezel

Figure : SBC 52x0 Bezel

Parts and Tools Required

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) strap
  • Replacement Bezel (if swapping out the Bezel)


To prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, an ESD strap is provided in the accessory kit. See Connecting Electrostatic Discharge Wrist Strap to install it.

Removing/Replacing the Bezel

The Bezel can be removed with power applied to SBC chassis, hence do not shut down the SBC to remove the Bezel.

Perform the following procedure to replace the Bezel:

  1. Attach an Electrostatic Discharge wrist strap to the rear grounding point on the back panel of the chassis. Follow the instructions in the section Connecting Electrostatic Discharge Wrist Strap.
  2. Locate the tab on the left side of the Bezel and pull back on Bezel until the left ball stud mounts disengage from the chassis.

    Figure : Locating the tab on the Bezel

    Figure : Disengaging Bezel from the SBC 5000 series chassis

  3. Grasp the right-side of the Bezel and pull the Bezel away from the chassis until the right ball stud mounts disengage from the chassis.

    Figure : Pulling out the Bezel from the chassis

  4. Install the replacement Bezel assembly by aligning the ball stud mounts to the receiving sockets, and then gently push the Bezel until it is secured to the chassis.

CRU Storage

All SBC 5000 series CRUs are shipped in electrostatic discharge bags and should be handled using appropriate ESD precautions.

The storage environment for the CRUs are:

  • Humidity must be less than 95% (non-condensing)
  • Temperature must be between -40C and +70C


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