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Refer to Downloading the SBC SWe Lite Package prior to performing this procedure.

The  supports one Network Management interface and up to four Network Media interfaces. The minimal networking configuration (one management and one media interface) requires two bridge interfaces configured on Hyper Visor host. To support maximum 1+4 configuration, Hyper Visor host must have five bridge interfaces configured prior to the Virtual Machine (VM) installation.

Create New Virtual Machine

  1. Start the Virtual Machine Manager.

  2. Select New Virtual Machine from the File drop-down menu.

  3. From the Create New Virtual Machine dialog, select Import existing disk image and click Forward.

  4. Select Linux from the OS type drop-down menu.

  5. Select Debian Squeeze from the Version drop-down menu  .

  6. Click Browse and navigate to the location of the disk image.

  7. From the Choose Storage Volume dialog, select file SBCSWeLite-disk1.qcow2, then click Choose Volume.

  8. Click Forward.

  9. Set Memory (RAM) field to 1024 and CPUs field to 1, and click Forward.

  10. Enter the name of your new VM in the Name field.

  11. Select the Customize configuration before install option.

  12. From the New VM dialog, select the applicable network from the Network selection drop-down menu, and click Finish.

    This network is used for Management Interface.

Customize Configuration

Add the Virtual Disks

  1. In the new pop-up window, select Disk 1 (VirtIO or IDE).

  2. Expand Advanced options and select IDE from the Disk bus drop-down menu.  

  3. Click Add Hardware.

  4. Select Storage.

  5. Select Select or create custom storage

  6. Navigate to file SBCSWeLite disk2.qcow2.

  7. Select IDE from the Bus Type drop-down menu, and click Finish.

  8. Repeat steps 4-6 for IDE Disk 3.

Modify Network Interface Device Model

  1. Select NIC.

  2. Select e1000 from the Device model drop-down menu, then click Apply.

Add Virtual Network Interfaces

  1. Click Add Hardware.

  2. From the Add New Virtual Hardware dialog, select Network.

  3. Select the desired Bridge id from the Network source drop-down menu.

  4. Select e1000 from the Device model drop-down menu, and then click Finish.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for additional Network Interfaces.

The  Virtual Machine requires five Virtual Network Interfaces configured, regardless of the actual number of Networks used by the guest VM.

 The first Virtual NIC must use a dedicated bridge (Network source). The Network source can then be used to configure the four remaining Virtual NICs.

Sonus recommends that all customers review and, if necessary, optimize their Network Interface configurations before proceeding. Failure to do so could lead to interface mapping issues. See Mapping Network Interfaces and then return to this section.

Finalize Installation

  1. From the Virtual Machine dialog, click Begin installation.

     The configured VM starts automatically as shown below.

  2. Click the monitor icon in the header to open the VM console.


Complete Initial Setup

Proceed to SBC SWe Lite Initial Setup. After setup is complete, proceed to License Installation.

License Installation

Trial License Installation

If you are installing an SBC SWe Lite for a trial or demonstration deployment, proceed to Obtaining and Installing a SWe Lite Trial License.

Production License Installation

If you are installing an SBC SWe Lite instance to carry live enterprise traffic, proceed to Obtaining and Installing a SWe Lite License.