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New CLI in 6.0.0R0


SBX-36166 SIP Header Syntax Validation Profile

The SIP Filter Profile is added is added to the signaling profile object to associate one or more SIP headers to the profile to control header parsing for a particular trunk group. Depending on the filter settings of each of the SIP headers in the SIP Filter Profile, the  either relays the SIP messages without parsing the header, or parses the message headers.


% set profiles signaling sipFilterProfile <sipFilterProfileName> header <disabled | enabled>

Use the following CLI syntax to associate a SIP Filter Profile with a trunk group.

% set addressContext <name> zone <name> sipTrunkGroup <name> signaling sipFilterProfile <profile name>

Deprecated CLI

Command / CLI Object ImpactedDeprecated CLIEffective Release
show table systemCongestionStatussystemCongestionMemLevel4.2.6R0
set system congestion"static" option4.2.6R0
set system congestion adaptive MCLevel"mc0" level4.2.6R0
set profiles system overloadProfilestaticMode parameter4.2.6R0
set profiles system overloadProfile "memory" option for setDuration, clearDuration, setThreshold, clearThreshold configurations4.2.6R0
set system adminmanagementIpVersion5.0.0R0
request system admin commandcommitSoftwareUpgrade5.0.0R0
show status system serverSoftwareUpgradeStatus
"committed" option5.0.0R0
show status addressContext <addressContext name> sipSubCountStatistics sipSubCountTotal5.0.5R0
request system admin <system Name> revertSoftwareUpgrade
request system admin <system Name> commitSoftwareUpgrade
H.323 IP Signaling Profile commonIpAttributes flags
  • addPChargingFuncAddr
  • disableMediaLockDown
  • fromHeaderAnonymisation
  • sendRTCPBandwidthInfo
  • sendRtcpPortInSdp
  • terminalPortabilityInterworking
  • usePsxRouteforRegisteredInvite
Packet Service ProfilemediaLockDownForPassThrough5.1.0R0
  • primaryTcpChannelStatus.
  • secondaryTcpChannnelStatus.
  • DSRSuccess
  • DSRFailures