The EMA Platform is bundled with the ConnexIP OS package and is accessible through configured host management interfaces. This application is available from a port (port 444) different from the default EMA service port. The EMA Platform handles activities like SBC application installation and upgrade as well as host troubleshooting, and contains other OS utilities. 

Following are the prerequisites to use your PC to launch the EMA Platform:

The SBC is delivered with sample self-signed X.509 certificates. Please be aware that even though these sample certificates will allow you to use HTTPS to access the SBC from EMA Platform, BMC and EMA interfaces, using this protocol with the sample certificates is not a truly secure access method. If your organization requires a more secure access, refer to Uploading New SSL Certificates using BMC for instructions on uploading replacement SSL certificates to meet your organization's security requirements.

Use the following procedure to launch the EMA Platform in one of two ways:

    1. From the BMC GUI
    2. From a Web browser – Enter https://<mgtport_ip>:444 in a Web browser, where <mgtport_ip> is the management port IP address.

The BMC GUI is not applicable to the .

Launch the EMA Platform Application From BMC GUI or Web Browser

  1. Perform either step a or b to launch the EMA Platform from either BMC GUI or a Web browser, respectively.
    1. From BMC GUI menu bar, click the Platform Manager Port 0 or Platform Manager Port 1, as shown in Figure 1.

      On the Platform Manager, "Port 0" is associated with the MGMT0 port interface and "Port 1" is associated with MGMT1 port interface.

      This method is not applicable for SBC SWe.

    2. Type https://<IP Address>:444 into a web browser and press Enter.
      where, <IP Address> is the default management interface IP address. The EMA Platform Login dialog displays similar to the figure below.

  2. Login to the EMA Platform using default credentials:

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

  3. The EMA Platform main screen similar to the figure below .

  4. Navigate to Monitoring > Dashboard > System and Software Info. This screen displays system information and SBC software details.