This following diagram shows a high-level flow of the  and installation sequence, from rack mounting the  chassis to placing your first call.

Click a link below to go to an installation task based upon your  type and configuration options:

  1. Rack mount the chassis:
    1. Rack Mounting the SBC 5000 Series Chassis
    2. Rack Mounting the SBC 7000 Series Chassis

  2. Connect Ethernet and data cables:
    1. Connecting SBC 5000 Series Ethernet and Data Cables
    2. Connecting SBC 7000 Series Ethernet and Data Cables

  3. Connect power to SBC and power on:
    1. Connecting Power to SBC 5000 Series and Powering On
    2. Connecting Power to SBC 7000 Series and Powering On

  4. Upgrade BMC firmware (if required):
    1. Upgrading SBC 5000 Series Firmware
    2. Upgrading SBC 7000 Series Firmware

  5. Configure SBC platform (BMC, management interfaces, NTP):
    1. Configuring the SBC 5000 Series Platform
    2. Configuring the SBC 7000 Platform

  6. Install SecureLink for Remote Access

  7. Install SBC Application Software
  8. Configure SBC for a basic call flow and make first call