Resource - VNode

About this Resource

A sequence of Virtual Node attributes

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
VPC Yes Yes Yes string Virtual Point Code
Context No No Yes string A condensed textual representation of the virtual node object. TL1Name: CONTEXT
CLLI No No No string Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI) of this virtual node. TL1Name: CLLI
Description No No No string VNode Description TL1Name: DESC
State No No Yes ActivationState virtual node status as useable or not TL1Name: STATE
BroadcastTFA No No No Feature Broadcast TFA Feature TL1Name: TFA
BroadcastTFP No No No Feature Broadcast TFP Feature TL1Name: TFP
BroadcastTFR No No No Feature Broadcast TFR Feature TL1Name: TFR
MateSTPDistribution No No No Feature Mate STP Distribution of the virtual node TL1Name: MATE_DIST