The Cloud Diagnostic tool facilitates debugging of Sonus cloud devices. The Cloud Diagnostic tool is a test agent that can be incorporated into all Sonus cloud instances and used in production cloud environment where the user has access only to the VM hosting the Sonus instance. It is currently supported on SBC, PSX and EMS.

Support diagnostics:
  • System information:
    • CPU information
    • Platform information
    • Storage information
    • Memory information
    • Basic disk IOPS
    • Network interfaces information
    • Check if Metadata supported
    • Check if Config-drive supported
    • Check if DHCP used
    • Check if SBC SR-IOV supported
  • Network connectivity and performance testing:
    • Packet load throughput measurements on specified interfaces (mgtx, pktx) for different packet sizes (TCP/UDP).
    • Request/response round trip measurements (latency) with time stamps.