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The rollback procedures on this page describe how to restore your previous version of SBC SWe Lite (SBC) in the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with your upgrade.

For downgrading SBC SWe Lite 7.0 to 6.1.x, KVM VM Hypervisor configuration for the 6.1 release must include the following:

  • Disk bus: IDE
  • Network Interface Device Model: e1000

For detailed information about Release 6.1 installation requirements, refer to Installing SBC SWe Lite on KVM Hypervisor.

Prior to rolling back your upgrade, ensure that you have a backup of your data for the version you intend to rollback to.

Performing the Rollback

The SBC SWe Lite keeps its system software (firmware) in containers known as Application Partitions. There are two application partitions, one of which is Active. When the SBC SWe Lite is operational, it is running off of the Active Partition, and the remaining (inactive) partition serves as a spare.

You can rollback to the previous SBC SWe Lite version stored in the inactive partition:

  1. To roll back SBC SWe Lite, activate the inactive partition.
  2. Verify that you are booting from the new partition either by checking the active partition, or by Viewing the Software Version and Hardware ID.
  3. Restore the backup configuration data associated with the version to which you have downgraded.

This completes the rollback procedure.