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Perform the following steps to configure call forking feature in the SBC:

Configuring AoR Group Profile

Execute the following command to configure AoR Group Profile:

% set profiles aorGroupProfile AR2 aorDataList;1111;2222;user=phone,;0;0;user=phone aorDialogAttribute useFirst18x
% commit

Configuring the VOIP Subscriber

% set profiles voipSubscriber aorGroupProfile AR2 egressRURIAttribute aorEgress
% commit

Configuring Routing for the AoR Group Profile

To configure routing for the AoR Group Profile, refer to the section Basic Call Flow Using ERE.

Configuring Preferred Identity and Wait for Answer Parameters (Optional)

% set profiles aorGroupProfile AR2 preferredIdentity waitForAnswer 0
% commit

Enabling Preferred Identity in the SIP Trunk Group (Optional)

% set addressContext default zone defaultSigZone sipTrunkGroup TG1 policy preferredIdentity enable
% commit

Viewing the Configuration

To view the AoR Group profile, execute the following command:

% show profiles aorGroupProfile AR2
aorDataList        ";1111;2222;user=phone;0;0;user=phone";
aorDialogAttribute useFirst18x;
waitForAnswer      0;

To view the VOIP Subscriber, execute the following command:

% show profiles voipSubscriber
voipSubscriber sip:EXAMPLE@RIBBON.COM {
    aorGroupProfile     AR1;
    egressRURIAttribute aorEgress;
voipSubscriber {
    aorGroupProfile     AR2;
    egressRURIAttribute aorEgress;

To view the the flag preferredIdentity in the SIP Trunk Group, execute the following command:

> show table addressContext default zone defaultSigZone sipTrunkGroup TG1
carrier               0000;
country               1;
localizationVariant   northAmerica;
tgIPVersionPreference both-ipv4-and-ipv6;
preferredIdentity     enable;
digitParameterHandling {
    numberingPlan NANP_ACCESS;
callRouting {
    elementRoutingPriority DEFAULT_IP;
media {
    packetServiceProfile DEFAULT;
services {
    classOfService DEFAULT_IP;
signaling {
    ipSignalingProfile DEFAULT_SIP;
featureControlProfile DEFAULT_IP;
ingress {
    flags {
        nonZeroVideoBandwidthBasedRoutingForSip  enable;
        nonZeroVideoBandwidthBasedRoutingForH323 disable;
        hdPreferredRouting                       disable;
        hdSupportedRouting                       disable;