The basic commands to configure a gateway on  using an IPv6 link are shown below.

  1. Configure an IP interface with an IPv6 address:

    % set addressContext default ipInterfaceGroup LIFG1 ipInterface LIF_1 ceName SBX1-1 portName pkt0 ipAddress prefix 16 altIpAddress fc00::3200:0:0:113:1 altPrefix 64
  2. Configure an IPv6 signaling port under the default address context and zone:

    % set addressContext default zone defaultSigZone gwSigPort 1 ipAddress fc00::3200:0:0:113:99 ipInterfaceGroupName LIFG1 state enabled mode inService

    The configuration will fail if the specified IP address is set to 'loopback', 'link local' or 'unspecified', or is an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address.

  3. Configure a GW trunk group under the default address context and zone with an ingress prefix on the egress GW:

    % set addressContext default zone defaultSigZone gwTrunkGroup GW_TG state enabled mode inService ingressIpPrefix fc00::3200:0:0:112:99 128
  4. SBC must use an external policy server to run GW-GW calls. Hence disable the internal policy server and configure an external policy server: 

    % set system policyServer localServer PSX_LOCAL_SERVER mode outOfService state disabled 
    % set system policyServer remoteServer PSX_REMOTE_SERVER ipAddress mode active state enabled
  5. Configure an SNMP target to view the new IPv6 GW link traps:

    % set oam snmp trapTarget trapDest ipAddress port 162 state enabled trapType v2