In an HA configuration, the two  platforms are connected to each other with the two HA ports using a pair of GigE cables. The connection provides both box-level and port-level redundancy. The HA pair consists of four management ports; two ports each per platform. When switchover occurs, the logical management address follows the currently active server. The packet ports, the MAC and IP addresses float between the HA pair (are replicated from active to standby on switchover).

Connect HA cables between the HA pair as shown:

Active   HA0<--------->Standby HA0

Active   HA1<--------->Standby HA1


The SBC fails to pair with a machine that is not functionally equivalent in an upward compatibility configuration. During system installation and startup, make sure that the servers are designed to operate together and support full redundancy and high availability. Also, an HA pairing between SBC 5210, SBC 5200, SBC 5110, SBC 5100 and SBC 7000 is forbidden.