Perform the following steps:

Configuring the Tone Codec Entry

% set profiles media toneCodecEntry g711 codec g711 law ALaw
% commi

Configuring Tone As Announcement Profile

% set profiles media toneAsAnnouncementProfile toneType defRing codecType g711u segmentId 20001
% commit

Configuring Announcement Based Tones Flag

The announcementBasedTones flag must be configured either on the ERE or on the external PSX.

ERE Configuration

% set profiles media toneAndAnnouncementProfile EXAMPLE localRingBackTone signalingTonePackageState enable flags useThisLrbtForIngress enable announcementBasedTones enable
% commit

External PSX Configuration

Attaching the Tone And Announcement Profile to the SIP Trunk Group

The toneAndAnnouncementProfile must be attached to TG either on the ERE or on the external PSX.

ERE Configuration:

% set addressContext default zone defaultSigZone sipTrunkGroup TG1 policy media toneAndAnnouncementProfile EXAMPLE packetServiceProfile DEFAULT

External PSX Configuration:


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