For a fresh installation, install the ".iso" file prior to executing these steps. To know the ".iso" file installation procedure, refer to:


The following procedure describes how to install the  application as a standalone configuration:

  1. Launch the EMA. Refer to Logging on to EMA in Platform Mode for guidance.

  2. Navigate to Administration > System Administration > Software Install/Upgrade tab. The Packages screen is displayed.

  3. Select the Package Name to install.

  4. Click Install Software.
    The Install Software section expands and displays the Install Version, Management Ports (configured via the BMC) and System Configuration details.

    The signature file of the SBC package verifies the integrity of the package contents before proceeding with the SBC installation. 

  5. Enter the System Configuration details.

    1. Select Standalone in the HA Configuration field.
    2. Select System Name field and enter the system name.

    3. Select Local Hostname and enter local hostname.

      For more information, refer to System Name and Hostname Naming Conventions

    4. Choose Active option for Server Role to designate the Active server as the one you are configuring.

    5. For SBC hardware type of installation, choose SBC Type as I-SBC.

      SBC TypeDescription
      I-SBCSpecifies an Integrated Signaling and Media network element (I-SBC). This is applicable for SBC on hardware environment (SBC 5000 Series, SBC 7000 Series, and SBC 5400).
      S-SBCSpecifies the SBC type as Signaling. The S-SBC (Signaling SBC) is applicable for SBC on Cloud environment
      M-SBCSpecifies SBC type as Media. The M-SBC (Media SBC) is applicable for SBCona cloud environment.
    6. Select NTP Server IP field and enter the NTP server IP address. To identify your NTP Server IP, refer to Configuring NTP Server Settings Using SBC 7000 BMC.
    7. Select NTP Server Time Zone field and enter the time zone.
  6. Click Start Installation.

  7. The installation process starts and displays the installation status on the Installation Log section.

    1. Perform pre-install checks

    2. Extract package contents


    3. Install SBC service


    4. Initialize SBC service


    5. Update Host Name


    6. Reboot the system


  8. Log on to EMA. The new SBC application version displays on the Monitoring > Dashboard > System and Software Info.

  9. Verify the system status using Administration > System Administration > Platform Management menu.

  10. From the EMA, install the SBC licenses required in order to use SBC application and its features. See SBC Node-Locked Licenses for HW and SWe SBCs for guidance.