Parameter Name Required Service Affecting Data Type Default Value Possible Values Description
DescriptionNoNostringnone64 - Max Length Description of Condition Rule
Operand1YesNostringnone128 - Max Length The first operand for the logical condition expressed by this rule, which must be a parameter tree token identifier. Ex: from.sipuri.userinfo.user or
Operand2TypeYesNoEnum0Possible values:
  • 0 - eValue_Literal
  • 1 - eValue_Token
  • 2 - eValue_Regex
Specifies the value type associated with Operand2. If the ConditionMatchType is a regex then this value type must be eValue_Regex, otherwise it may be either eValue_Literal or eValue_Token.
Operand2YesNostringnone1024 - Max Length Value of the Parameter to match. This will hold the literal if the Operand2Type is a literal, or a token if the Operand2Type is a token, or a regex string if the Operand2Type is regex.
ConditionMatchTypeYesNoEnum1Possible values:
  • 0 - eMatchType_Regex
  • 1 - eMatchType_Equals
  • 2 - eMatchType_NotEquals
  • 3 - eMatchType_Contains
  • 4 - eMatchType_DoesNotContain
Specifies the match type for this condition. For now, only Regex and Equals match type is supported. If the match type is Regex, then the Operand2 has to be a regex string. Equals is applicable to only Literal or Token operands.

The POST can contain either only the attributes that are being updated, or the full set of attributes for the resource