Product Compatibility Chart

The following table identifies which Ribbon products located at Sonus Product Documentation interoperate with each other using a (tick) symbol at the intersection of two products to signify compatibility.

To view an interoperability matrix listing the latest and minimum (for historical purposes) compatible product release versions, click on the product link in the table heading or first column, or select the product from the list provided below the table. This will take you to the individual product interoperability page.

When upgrading your Ribbon product to take advantage of the latest feature set and enhancements, and you wish to also get the latest feature set of other compatible Ribbon products, you must upgrade those products as well to the latest compatible release as per the associated Interop Matrix.  

(tick) = compatibleASXADSBRXC20 CoreDSC/SP2KDSIGSX 9000Insight EMSInsight EMS SWeMRFPNetScoreProtectPSXPSX SWe

SBC 1000/2000

SBC 5000/7000

ASX(tick)(tick)   (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)   (tick)  (tick)    
ADS(tick)(tick)     (tick)(tick)           
BRX  (tick)    (tick)(tick)         (tick) 
C20 Core   (tick)       (tick)        
DSC/SP2K    (tick)  (tick)(tick)   (tick)       


(tick)    (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)    (tick)(tick)   
GSX9000(tick)    (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)  (tick) 
Insight EMS(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)*(tick)*(tick) (tick)  (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick) 
Insight EMS SWe(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)*(tick)*(tick) (tick)  (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)
MRFP       (tick)(tick)(tick)          
NetScore     (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)    
Protect   (tick)  (tick)    (tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)  
PSX(tick)   (tick) (tick)(tick)  (tick)(tick)♦♦♦  (tick)(tick) (tick) 
PSX SWe      (tick)(tick)(tick)    ♦♦♦ (tick)(tick)  (tick)
SBC 1000/2000       (tick)(tick)  (tick)  (tick)(tick)(tick)   
SBC 5000/7000(tick)    (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)   
SBC SWe     (tick) (tick)(tick)  (tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)  (tick)
SBC Q20/Q21           (tick)     (tick)  
SGX 4000  (tick)   (tick)(tick)(tick)   (tick)     (tick) 
VNFM        (tick)    (tick)  (tick)  (tick)

* There is no interoperability for a standalone EMS system.

♦♦♦ When the PSX acts as a SIP proxy, it interacts with another PSX; otherwise, no interaction is required.


Product Interoperability Matrices

This section includes interoperability matrices depicting which Ribbon product software versions interoparate with a particular product.

On each Ribbon interoperability page, the major product release versions of the product of interest are listed in the first column, and the compatible products' major release versions (both latest and minimum compatible versions, when applicable) are listed in the remaining columns. See Figure 1 for an explanation of what constitutes a major release.

Each product release is compatible with each of its previous releases unless noted otherwise.

Using the following SBC Core Compatibility Matrix as an example,

Linux was introduced in Trunking release 08.04.07.

Click on a product link below to navigate to a product interoperability page:

Release Numbering Schema

The tables below describe the Ribbon release numbering schemas.