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Azure Communication Services direct routing® (referred to as ACS in this guide) is a proprietary product of Microsoft Corporation.

Ribbon SBC Core® (referred to as SBC Core in this guide) is a proprietary product of Ribbon Communications (referred to as Ribbon in this guide).

Ribbon performs Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) testing between ACS direct routing® and the SBC Core (SBC 5110/5210/5400, SBC 7000, SBC SWe).

The SBC Core supports using ACS only for the purposes described in this guide.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all information provided in this guide is applicable for SBC 9.2.0R2. In appropriate sections, notes are given to indicate the applicability of instructions based on the SBC version.

Ribbon recommends referring to the SBC and PSX product documentation for detailed information on the commands, parameters, and flags used in the configuration examples of this guide.

This guide describe the best practices to configure the SBC Core to work with the Azure Communication Services Direct Routing.

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You can use the guide for several possible deployment scenarios. To understand the structure of the guide and the relevance of different sections for the intended configuration/architecture, refer to the table below.

Implement the sections and the articles within a section sequentially.

If a section/article is optional, you may skip it. However, if you implement a section/article, it is mandatory to follow the sequence.


Mandatory (M) /

Optional (O)

Ribbon Configurations with Azure Communication Services direct routing - Introduction to SBC Core and ACSM

This section introduces ACS direct routing and Ribbon SBC Core, and describes the prerequisites for configuration. 

After completing this section, refer to Ribbon Configurations with ACS Direct Routing - Configure SBC for ACS direct routing.


This section contains articles on the SBC configuration for ACS direct routing deployment with a Carrier Trunk. The articles in this section describes the basics that are essential for further configuration of routing mechanisms.

After completing this section:


All the subsequent sections are OPTIONAL. Refer to a section only if it is relevant to your deployment scenario.
However, Ribbon recommends some of the optional sections.


This section describes configuring the SBC for basic ERE or Advanced ERE routing.

Skip this section if you use PSX for routing.


This section describes the PSX configuration for deploying the SBC with ACS direct routing.

Skip this section if you use ERE or Advanced ERE for routing.


Ribbon Configurations with ACS Direct Routing - Basic Troubleshooting

OUse this section to troubleshoot basic problems in the SBC and ACS web client. For more help with complicated issues, contact Ribbon.

Ribbon Configurations with ACS Direct Routing - Initiate a Test Call To Validate Configurations



Use this section to initiate a basic call using the SBC and ACS web client. This step ensures that all the configurations are correct, and the system is working as expected.