SBC SCOM Health Monitors

SCOM classes define Health as a tri-state attribute: Error, Warning, and Healthy. A device is in Error state when it's not working correctly and requires attention, it's in Warning state when it appears to be working but a condition is detected that should be attended to, and it's Healthy otherwise.

SBC SCOM Monitors

A SCOM Monitor is a periodic poll that runs in order to determine health state. The SBC SCOM Management Pack will define monitors that poll the SBC for the following information:

The results of this poll will be used to set the Health state of SBC classes as follows:

Health States Associated with SBC SCOM Object Classes


Error Criteria

Warning Criteria

Healthy Criteria



Highest Alarm Severity is either Critical or Major. Where SLAs are present, these severities require immediate attention.

Highest Alarm Severity is Minor

Highest Alarm Severity is Warning or None

SBCSeries is an abstract class, these criteria apply to all inherited classes


The card has configured ports and is either not present or is operationally down.

Not used

The card either has no configured ports, or is operationally up.

SBCLineCard is an abstract class representing pluggable cards (e.g.: SBC2000 DS1), these criteria apply to all inherited classes. When administrative state support is provided for cards the error criteria will include the card being administratively up.


Not used

Not Used

This state always applies

SBCModule is an abstract class representing non-pluggable feature modules (e.g.: SBC1000 DS1). No service status information is supported for these modules.


The port is administratively up and operationally down

Not used

The port is either administratively down, or operationally up.



The DSP card is out of service

Not used

The DSP card is in service

DSP Service Status is added via SNMP in the Flute release.


The power supply is out of service

NOTE: Warning can be indicated based upon temp or voltage-out being out-of-spec.

The power supply is in service

Only applicable to SBC2000 with dual power supplies, otherwise the node will simply become SNMP-unreachable.


Not used

Not Used


This is a recovery port , it is not mandatory to keep the cable plugged-in always in this port. Un-plugging the cable will make the port status down . This is a typical state in the customer location. So instead of showing the port down and alarming the operator , keep the port status healthy alway

Object Model Overview

Within SCOM object classes represent entities whose health state is monitored by SCOM and presented to the user. SBC SCOM object classes are defined for persistent objects in the system. 

Supported Object Relationships

SCOM supports the following relationships:

SBC SCOM Object Classes

SCOM Object Class Diagram