Beginning with version 8, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) includes a Compatibility View feature which, if enabled for a given web page, causes Internet Explorer to render that page in IE 7 Standards Mode. This allows later versions of the browser to render pages which have not been updated for modern standards support with Internet Explorer. In addition, IE 11 adds support for an Enterprise Mode which causes Internet Explorer to emulate some behaviors of IE 8.

The SBC 1000 and 2000 fully support modern web standards for all supported browsers, and thus neither need nor support Compatibility View or Enterprise Mode.

Enterprise Mode is centrally managed within an IT organization, and is intended to be enabled only for sites for which it is required. Enterprise Mode should not be enabled for the SBC 1000 and 2000.

Compatibility View Indication

The Sonus SBC 1000 and 2000 supports modern releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Under Compatibility View later versions of IE will display web pages as though they were IE 7. As the SBC 1000 and 2000 do not support IE 7, Compatibility View may cause problems and should not be used. If Compatibility View is enabled then the SBC 1000 and 2000 will present the following indications:

Login Page Dialog:

Top Banner Display:

If you see these indications, modify your browser configuration to not use compatibility mode. If necessary, consult your IT organization for assistance on how to do this.