R2 mappings define how VX interprets and generates tones and bits. In various countries around the world, R2 Mapping is used to selectively control the usage of telephony systems, and R2 Tables can be used to modify these R2 tones and bits mappings.

Mapping entries are required only in areas where an implementation deviates from standard R2. All other tones and bit patterns are assumed to have standard R2 meanings. For more information about R2 group functions, refer to the ITU Specification for CAS R2.

R2 tables are selected in the R2 Channel Profile.

View R2 Mapping

Select the Telephony > R2 Tables subdirectory for the VX node and view contents at the R2 Tables screen.

Add R2 Mapping

Insert a new line in the R2 Tables screen, then double-click the line to present the Edit R2 Map Tables dialog box.

Modify R2 Mapping

Double-click on table line in the R2 Tables screen to present the Edit R2 Map Tables dialog box.

R2 Mapping Tables




Type of map


Name for the R2 map table