View General Networking Settings

Select the Networking subdirectory for the VX node.

Modify General Networking Settings

Double-click on an entry in the General Networking Settings screen to present the Edit General Networking Settings dialog box.



SNPP Enabled

Activate or deactivate Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP)
SNPP pages the configured SNPP Recipient when an alarm occurs at the VX node.

SNPP Min Alarm

Minimum alarm level for which the SNPP Recipient is paged
Values 0-6, 6 represents most severe alarm.

SNPP Recipient

User account name assigned at the SNPP server to whom a page is issued when an alarm occurs at the VX node

SNPP Server

IP address of the SNPP server on the network

Network Address

Specifies the IP address range that the VX uses internally
Change this value when the VX is on a network that has other machines that use this address range. This address should be set to a network address not used on the network.


Specifies the mask for the IP address range that the VX uses internally

Dead call Timeout

The duration after which a VTP call will be terminated if no packets are exchanged (on the assumption that one of the entities has gone away).
10 Seconds

Network MTU

MTU is the Maximum Transmission Network Unit (in Bytes) at the IP layer.
MTU must be >=1000 and <=1496.

Max Peers

Maximum number of entries in the peer table
For example: Setting to 200 will allow VX to query the state of 200 other nodes
Value range is from 100 to 1000