The award-winning Open Architecture VX900T mobile VoIP gateway from Network Equipment Technologies (NET), simplifies the operation and reduces the setup time for enterprise-class mobile IP gateways, allowing teams to focus on their mission and not their technology resources.

The VX900T is the most powerful mobile voice over IP (VoIP) solution in its class, providing rapid deployment gateway services to local end users as well as acting as an IP network interface.

Executive Travel Team Support

The VX900T can be used to support wired or wireless secure voice services, including data and "mobile-PBX" capabilities, while leveraging its small size and low weight to make the entire "setup/teardown" process more manageable.

Secure Forward-Deployed Support

The VX900T supports secure, encrypted voice and data support via LAN, WiMax, Cellular, WiFi or satellite (INMARSAT M4, BGAN, VSAT).

Mobile Command Support

Extend full "VoIP-PBX" functionality to an entire mobile command center. With its IP-based architecture and bandwidth saving software, the VX900T helps to maximize transmission capabilities over remote or satellite connections.

Solution Type



VoIP and Signaling Protocols


(HxWxD) 1.75" x 11" x 15.5"

  • T1/E1 (Single, Dual, or Quad)
  • Two Ethernet (10/100 Mbps RJ45 Interfaces)
  • 4 FXS (4 physical interfaces)
  • 1 BRI for WAN Connectivity
  • 1 or 4 Port Serial Interfaces
  • Conversion and translation between all supported Protocols
    • IP to IP
    • IP to TDM
    • TDM to IP
  • T1 CAS (E&M, DTMF, MF)
  • E1 CAS (R2 MF)
  • ISDN -10 Variants, Network and User side ISDN, Q.SIG
  • H.323v2, SIP (RFC3261) TCP/UDP, TLS, BSP
  • T.38 Real Time Fax Relay
  • Fax Detection
  • STU Relay
  • STE Support (via STU or FNBDT/SCIP)