Compare the contents of the shipping container against the packaging list to ensure you have received all components required for installation of the VX. If any components are missing, contact your Sonus representative.

How the System Ships

The VX system ships with plug-in modules seated in the chassis, in compliance with your product order. The VX software required to perform initialization and configuration tasks at the system is preloaded and ready to use after you complete the installation procedures provided in this documentation.

Additional items are included with the VX system, such as:

Disassembling and Inspecting the VX from a Shipping Carton

  1. Make sure you have the right tools on hand, and personnel to help with lifting.
    1. A box cutter or diagonal pliers are available to remove the straps from the shipping crate.
    2. Two or more people are required to lift the VX chassis.
  2. Remove the packing list from the plastic envelope mounted on the outside of the shipping box. Use this paperwork to validate the contents of the shipping box.
  3. Using a box cutter or suitable cutting tool, open the cardboard cover of the shipping box.
  4. Use standard operating procedures (per your site safety guidelines) to carefully lift and remove the VX from the shipping box, and place it on the ground or on a cart for transport to the installation site.
  5. Remove the foam inserts from the VX chassis.
  6. Save all packing materials including the shipping box until you have verified the integrity of the VX chassis.

Contacting Sonua

For assistance with product installation, product returns, and/or service setup, contact Sonus Networks, Inc.