VX900 T1/E1 Cabling Notice

The following is an important notice for using VX900 T1/E1 interface card with NET Part Numbers 035999, 036665, 036001, and 036000.

All interconnections to the VX900 T1/E1 interface cards with NETpart numbers 035999, 036665, 036001, and 036000 are intra building only, and not for outside plant connection. The connections for these T1/E1 interface cards are assumed to connect to a UL Listed PBX, NCTE (Network Channel Terminal Equipment) or CSU/DSU (Channel Services Unit / Digital Services Unit) unit, co-located with the SHOUT900/VX900 systems, or other certified network equipment which provides the required protection for outside plant lines which may be connected to this equipment.

CPU Connections

For information on CPU Connections, see the Nodal Controller Feature Module topic.

Console Port

The console port (COM 1) accepts a standard 9-pin D connector and is used for initial system setup.