If calls cease to complete after adding an additional VXe gateway, and the error:

 Peer certificate subject name is not configured on the server interface 

appears in the Event Log.  Remove the gateway from the OCS Routes Tab (Forest [right click],properties|Voice Properties) , stop the FE service, re-add the VX gateway as an OCS route, and restart the FE service.

If the following error appears when you attempt to add an additional VXe via the VXbuilder wizard:

  1. Export the config to a text file from VXbuilder
  2. Remove the gruu block from the config
  3. Import into VXbuilder
  4. Transmit the modified config to VX
  5. Then try to re-run the wizard

GRUU block

OCSGw.1.OCSGRUU sip:vxgw2.vx.net@vx.net;gruu;opaque=srvr:Gateway:5fKaBxCKAEubHaBIbaco6wAA
OCSGw.1.OCSGwOCSPool.1.Server ocs.vx.net
OCSGw.1.OCSGwOCSPool.Server ocs.vx.net
OCSGw.1.OCSGwQOE.1.OCSGRUU sip:ocs.vx.net@vx.net;gruu;opaque=srvr:QoS:BTLpwIXw9EeSVWm_Fu4GmAAA
OCSGw.1.OCSGwQOE.1.Port 5069
OCSGw.1.OCSGwQOE.1.Server ocs.vx.net
OCSGw.1.OCSGwQOE.OCSGRUU sip:ocs.vx.net@vx.net;gruu;opaque=srvr:QoS:BTLpwIXw9EeSVWm_Fu4GmAAA
OCSGw.1.OCSGwQOE.Port 5069
OCSGw.1.OCSGwQOE.Server ocs.vx.net